Ellis Enterprise LLC. knows construction. We are a full-service ad agency  and marketing firm who has a complete division that solely specializes in construction marketing. We handle all aspects of web and traditional marketing for contractors, equipment  building product manufacturers and suppliers.
We are a fast growing, talented and focused team of marketing experts known for our expertise in this industry. We are driven by one motivation: and that is to increase revenue and growth for our clients.
At Ellis Enterprise we offer innovative marketing solutions that truly work.


We handle clients from all over the USA and can handle your marketing whereever your firm is located.

PACKAGE #1- for small to mid size businesses

Promotional Street Team
Flyers/Door Hangers

Voicemail Telemarketing

Strategic Partnerships

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing






We have developed a 5 step marketing strategy that we execute on behalf of our clients, to produce phenomenal returns. This program was specifically designed for small to mid size businesses. We are so confident our 5 step program really works, we are paid on performance! Give us a call now we only accept a few companies in certain territories in our Package 1 program.







As technology continuously improves, today’s construction industry continues to be an ever-changing and innovative field. It is a dynamic industry requiring experience and professionalism in order to rise above the rest. Ellis Enterprise is skilled at creating marketing strategies for the new digital age specifically for the construction industry. A new breed of technology-savvy construction industry leaders has emerged that understands the crucial importance of digital marketing to their companies’ long-term success.
Ellis Enterprise's mission is to provide construction businesses with the right tools needed to position them ahead of their competition. We provide mid-sized, large and multi-national construction firms with world-class marketing and advertising services. Our expert marketing professionals can show how effective in-bound marketing can create a more profitable and higher-volume future for your company.

* Corporate visual identification
* Corporate Image
* Brand Positioning
* Advertising campaigns
* Print and trade journal ad layout
* Capabilities brochures
* Product brochures
* Trade show display design
* Trade show planning and materials
* Product launches
* Online advertising
* Website banners
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
* Web videos
*Web design


In the digital age, the secret to effective marketing in the construction industry is in-bound marketing. This means to be found by people looking for your construction specialty, equipment, product or service. This, in turn, will cause a reaction that will provide new clientele for your construction company and additional work well into the future.

Our full-service, custom web marketing services include:
* Social media company/organization Pages
* Social media training
* Social media engagement
* Keyword and key phrase research
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy development
* Pay Per Click marketing


Ellis Enterprise is fortunate to have creative professionals on our team highly skilled in graphic design and the visual arts. We emphasize this service because graphic design is central to all things in marketing. Cohesive, consistent and effective design across the various avenues people interact with your company is vital. The design of a quality logo, website, videos, print, marketing materials, and social media plans must communicate a message about your company people will remember. That message is one of strength and reliability in the construction industry. Allow our talented team to create a professionally branded image that can stand the test of time.
 We will work with you to streamline a business image that is so strong it becomes a brand. Our graphic design services geared to the construction industry include:
* Logo design
* Corporate style and usage guides
* Unique corporate font design
* Catalog design
* Vehicle/Fleet graphics
* Newsletters
* Product and Service sell Sheets
* Tradeshow graphics
* Tradeshow display designs